It’s nearly time to visit the world’s number 1 party Island for this year’s edition of IBIZA GOES HARD.

We’ve put together the below vital information for you so you know what to do and where to do it.

Tickets / Documents

** Please re-download your tickets to your phone / computer anytime from 09:00cet on Monday 26th June to update the information at the bottom of each ticket ** – You know you have the final ticket as it says “FINAL TICKET” in the top left hand corner.

Please note, the name on the ticket does not matter, we are aware people buy tickets for friends etc.

There are FIVE types of ticket for this year’s edition


Download your PDF’s to your smart phone, we will scan and validate using your phone screen, please have your screen brightness turned to the highest setting (it really helps speed up scanning).

You may also print your tickets out on paper and these too can be scanned, but if you have a smart phone – use that – it stops the risk of losing the paper / water damage etc and keeps the place tidy.

Club Package / Super Early Bird Club Ticket will be scanned and validated at our Thursday opening party which is from 22:00 Thursday 29th June at EDEN  NEXT (Eden Room 2). Staff will be on hand from 21:30. Please arrive as early as possible. Once validated you will be provided with a secure wristband that gains you access to the night and all other venue / club parties for the duration of the holiday. You will no longer need to bring the PDF ticket to any further venue parties. If you cannot make the opening party our staff will be available for the first hour of each venue party on the following Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday to scan and validate and exchange for your wristband.

Please note, the FIRST HOUR only.

Sunday Big Bossa Ticket will be scanned and validated at San Antonio Bus Station before you board the free bus to Playah Den Bossa on Sunday 2nd July. See the IGH 2017 Map here: https://goo.gl/BU2Hso for exact location. You must arrive before 12:30pm to the bus station. Once validated you will board the bus, the bus will drive to Playa Den Bossa harbour where you will disembark and board our biggest boat party in our 6 year history. Anyone who is late risks not being validated for buses and will unfortunately lose their boat party access.

After the boat party the buses will bring all customers back to San Antonio bus station. Please be advised this is a daytime boat party – wear lots of skin protection and be safe.

Monday Sunset Boat Parties will be scanned and validated at CAPTAIN NEMOs boat stand (Located on San Antonio Harbour just across from the cafes / fountains on the harbour front (near the egg)

See the IGH 2017 Map for exact location. The boat is ready at 17:30 prompt. Any late people will invalidate their right to access. Please arrive at 17:30 to have your ticket scanned. There are TWO boats sailing at the same time. The headline djs will be transported between both boats so no one misses the action.

The two boats are called “BOAT A – Nemo IBIZA” and BOAT B “Nemo 2”. Your tickets will have clearly printed which boat you are to board at the top left hand side.

Single Club Tickets – Just turn up at the the event you have paid for before the curfew

Timetables / Opening Times / Locations

Use our Map to see / get directions to all parties here:

See the below timetable for all the events. Reminder if your bringing your Club Package PDF to be scanned you can do this between 21:30pm – 01:30am on Thursday at our opening party. Or for the first hour of each of the other club / venue parties.

This year’s billing leaves plenty of time between the parties to rest and chill and enjoy the Ibiza vibe.

This is a marathon not a sprint – enjoy the whole weekend as we have action packed Hardcore in unique iconic locations all throughout the 5 days.

Drinks Deals / Door operating times.

Thursday Opening & Monday closing parties @ EDEN NEXT: 22:00 – 06:00 **Last entry 01:30am

Friday Night Time Abandoned Zoo Party @ Benimussa park: 19:00 – 02:00 ** Last entry 22:00. Arrive early, the first hours will all be outdoors!
We advice you get a taxi to this event as its a bit of a walk, we have booked buses to take you back at 2am to San Antonio Bus Station, these will cost 3 Euros per head.

Saturday Day Time Water Party @ Es Paradis: 14:00 – 22:00 ** Last entry 17:00pm

Sunday Party @ LYT (West End): 21:00 – 05:00. ** Last entry 01:30am

Last entry is the latest time you will be permitted to come into the venue, also if anyone leaves after this time you will not be permitted back into the venue.

Drinks Deals

We realise Ibiza has a “bad rep” for drinks prices, it’s no more expensive that many of the world’s hottest party capitals, hey – shop right at the local stores pre party and it’s much more cost effective than our home countries – there are many SPA stores around resort and there is a Lidl Supermarket 10 mins walk from the famous EGG.

Non the less, inside our venues will also ensure you get more bang for your $, we have secured for all club events (yep all club venues!) all IGH ravers 5 for 4 on drinks. This means you order and pay for 4 drinks , then you chose a 5th one free in all of our venue / club parties!