Its nearly time for the yearly edition of Ibiza Goes Hard! Darkside Unleashed presents to you the anthem for this prestigious event.
Not happy to stick with just one anthem, we thought we would give you three different versions covering three different styles of hardcore. And why the fuck not? The anthem creators are truly respected in their scenes.  Re-Style (Hardcore), Densha Crisis (Industrial), Rob Da Rhythm & Rhino (Uptempo).
Do not falter, Do not waver,…. Your time is now!

Ibiza Goes Hard – The Anthems

01. Re-Style – Ibiza Goes Hard ’17 Anthem (Hardcore Version)
02. Densha Crisis – Ibiza Goes Hard ’17 Anthem (Industrial Version)
03. Rob Da Rhythm & Rhino – Ibiza Goes Hard ’17 Anthem (Uptempo Version)