Abaddon started producing at a very young age and tried out a variety of styles in the early stages of his music career. But as soon as he came in contact with Uptempo Hardcore and started producing tracks like this himself in 2017, he discovered where his true passion lies: 200+ BPM!


After a few releases at Uptempo Is The Tempo Records, including reaching the #1 spot in the Hardtunes top 100 with his track ‘Enemies’ together with Barber, he got on the radar of DRS. Having his own label Triple Six Records, DRS signed him to the label after which things went fast.


At Triple Six Records he released his first solo EP ‘Transform EP’ which hit the 3rd and 4th spot of the top 100 and his tracks are being played at many parties by his amazing colleagues, and he has much more music to come, solo and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the scene. He is also a Toxic Sickness resident and his shows have multiple thousands of plays each month!


Abaddon already had gigs in Scotland, Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany and of course The Netherlands. Played at huge parties/festivals like Titanium Festival, Hardcore at Sea, BKJN VS Partyraiser & Snakepit! He is not planning to slow down and is eager to make his mark in the scene with his energetic tracks and personality.


He is definitely one to watch!


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