Art Of Fighters

The Art of Fighters history begun in Italy on a day in December, year 1999 with their first release: The Beat can’t Change.
Their career was one of the fastest in the scene, it was the year 2000 and they were just 18th years old when they jumped on the biggest Europen stages playing their first hit tracks ‘Artwork’ and ‘Earthquake’ and wearing their trademark: a scary hockey mask, similar as the one seen in the movie ‘Friday 13th’.

Since then they were unstoppable: spreading out to the whole Europe, USA, Japan, South America and Australia they continued to publish track after track, becaming one of the leading act of the present Hardcore scene.

Creators of anthems for the biggest events as Dominator, Thunderdome and Q-Base, their sound is constantly evolving.
A sound which can be described as a unique mix between harmony and technicality, with the rawness and power that you expect to found in a Hardcore track.


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