Hardcore Producer Dj from Germany since 2004, his music has a big range from Industrial, Crossbreed over Breaks to Uptempo, sometimes dark and sometimes full of “GOOD VIBRATIONS”.

He released countless tracks on many big labels from Strike Records, Deathchant, Rebelscum, Footworxx, Brutale, PRPSCT and many more. Over 20 vinyl releases and 2 double vinyl LPs…
And he also played gigs worldwide and at all the big festivals of the hardcore scene (Dominator, Defqon1, Masters of Hardcore, Decibel, Quontinent, Ground Zero, Q-base, Hardshock….) and above (Tomorrowland, PRPSCT XL, Bangface Weekender, Boomtown….)…

He’s damn hungry for the future, producing new tracks and crossing lines others are too afraid to go.


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