[ Uptempo ]

His love for Hardcore started in the 90’s when he was just a kid so he grew up with the music. when he was about 14, he bought his first producer program, and started fooling around with it.

later about 2005 it became little more serious, and he started playing vinyl. It Took some time to get better with producing/djing, but from that moment on he played some little parties from friends.

In 2011 he did his first release on the small label called Hardcore Malice. More people who joined footworxx did some tracks over there. In 2012 Partyraiser noticed his and from there on everything went a level higher.

In 2014 his track “The sound of Hardbouncer” featuring mc ADK at Darkside Unleashed, became very populair and still played at parties almost every week.

So now he also became a proud producing member of the Darkside family.
More bookings are scheduled and his music gets played by a lot of artists from the scene.

Up to today he is playing every weekend on a gig, almost all of his releases hit the charts top 10 and more beautifull things are coming up.


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