Meccano Twins

[ Hardcore & Early ]

Jose Sendra was only 15 years old when he first came in contact with hardcore music back in ’98 when his sister brought him at Number One, one of the most iconic and historical venues in Italy. It didn’t take a long time to start buying his own vinyls and engaging with production. At that time Jose had no expectations as everything started like an hobby.
The turning point of his career was in 2010 when he first played at United Hardcore Forces event as “Terminal Trauma”. The Art of Fighters noticed him and suddenly realized that this guys had the potential to bring their “Meccano Twins project” to the next level.

Jose, with a rich musical background, was as dark as technical, as experimental as classic.

Meccano Twins’ acclaimed on stage pervasive presence has earned him some of the biggest spots any Hardcore artist can aim for such as Dominator, Masters of Hardcore, Defqon 1, Harmony of Hardcore and many more… A lot of remarkable hits followed such as “Electrogood, “The Industry” (teaming up with Endymion), Thunderdome Toxic Hotel Anthem remix. He released his first album “High tech hardcore” in 2013, and the second album “777 – More Than Evil” was released in July 2017 with a special change of the project, introducing the new dark mask!!

In 2015 he decided to join the Brutale infamous team, giving and extra boost to his music, that today is darker and faster than ever.

Jose has worked hard during the years to fine-tune his production skills. This assiduous artist has changed over the years and he has currently found a new musical dimension, sharpening his mechanical identity with an outrageous mask that embodies his personality and symbolizes his style: post-industrial, evil, experimental and uncompromising sound heavy and brutal hardcore kicks. Meccano Twins has gained a solid reputation amongst the Hardcore connaisseurs of the scene acquiring the status of “the ultimate closing act” connoisseurs.


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