Radium: a multifaceted artist. Dj and founder member, in partnership with Al Core, of the mythic MICROPOINT duo since 1992, he ought to be considered as a major contributor to the creation of the Electronic scene in France. During the last decade of the 20th century, Micropoint has set the standards of french Hardcore Techno: “Frenchcore”. Since then, they have been releasing numerous EPs which were met with tremendous success within the scene.

In 1995, while still working with Al Core for Micropoint, Radium began to produce numerous solo albums under the stage name “Radium”, which is now so famous within the Hardcore scene. He contributed in 1996 to the creation of the labels Dead End and Psychik Genocide in order to produce and promote the music he loved : Hardcore.

1998 marks the release of Micropoint’s first LP: “Neurophonie”, a never-before-seen in France. The popularity of this revolutionary style began to catch on quick and Micropoint shooted to fame bringing Frenchcore into a wider circuit. The same year, the duo was invited to appear to a public of over 100,000 people for a live session at the first Techno Parade in France.
Micropoint’s 2nd LP, “Anesthesie International” (2000), meant the beginning of an important evolution in the electro scene : Hardcore Techno was beginning to mix with other similar musical styles. The album was well received and brought the duo wide recognition on the international Electronic music scene. This same year, Radium released his first solo Mix CD entitled “Inhuman”: a mix which is both clever and varied. This release put Radium on the map as one of the leading DJs in Frenchcore. At that time, he became co-manager of the label Audiogenic, which quickly rose to both national and international success thanks to the quality of their productions.

In 2001, Radium released his first solo LP, “Paranoia Performance”, which was met with great acclaim for both the quality of the production and the originality of his work. For that matter, many tracks of this album have been remixed by notables artists such as Tieum, The Speed Freak, Marc Acardipane, and Hellfish. The overall success of his records led him to perform live shows both with Micropoint and as a solo Dj under the name of Radium. His shows, in which he often added a live drummer or MC, were packed all over France.

He returned in 2003 with a 2nd album called “inExtremist” which lived up to its name and pushed back our definition of Frenchcore to the extremes. He continued over and over again with his solo live performances which ravished those who were nostalgic for his lives together with Micropoint. The release of the Mix CD “Darkcore 7″(2004) – in which he used noise and industrial sounds to create totally dancefloor tracks – under the Dutch label Master of Hardcore, demonstrated once more the capacities of this artist.

2006: Radium delivered his 3rd solo LP, “Terminal Trauma”, where he generally slowed down his usual rhythm, producing more mid-tempo tracks. This release featured two additional DJs for the vocals : Lenny Dee, a living myth on the international hard electronic scene (on “Free Party Animal”) and the up-and-coming Daisy (on “Trust or Die”). From this year on, Radium has performed live for some of the biggest events and festivals in France (Boréalis, Astropolis, Electromind, Nordik Impakt…) and has made appearances regularly on the international circuit in countries such as England, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Republic Czech, Belgium, Holland, Canada, and the USA.

In 2009, Radium has returned with his new solo album, CD & vinyl on the famous Audiogenic label, called “MasterPiss”, which will delight his most loyal fans as well as his new recruits. The title , “MasterPiss” is not by accident. It’s a politically incorrect pun letting us know that despite the ever-growing competition, the Master still remains at the wheel driving of this great ship that we know as French Hardcore.

2012 – “LE FAKE”: The creator of Frenchcore shows us once again his creativity and mastery of music production techniques. Here, using his most innovative cards, he pulls all the tricks, spinning together all the major hits from the last 20 years. “Le Fake” will call everyone to the dancefloor– clubbers and ravers alike.
With « Le Fake », once again, Radium has proved that Hardcore is not only reserved for the underground scene but the music that invites everyone to the floor and puts everyone in a good party mood. “Le Fake” will unite different music lovers and transmit its good vibrations to all!


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