System Overload has been one of the biggest promises a while ago, but with his recent resume he clearly has developed into one of the must-see artists of the current hardcore/uptempo generation. With becoming a regular face at a lot of events en releasing a great flow of releases on big labels, System Overload has shown that he simple can’t be stopped!

System Overload played on a lot of major festivals, and even was asked to produce the official anthems for Harmony of Hardcore, Ground Zero and Army of Hardcore. You surely must have heard his biggest hits on the dance floor like “System Overload – Geef maar gas”, “System Overload vs F-Noize – Gabbers in Pariz” and “Partyraiser vs F-Noize – La  Bomba (System Overload Remix)”. But his biggest recent acomplishments are his album “First Blood” which totally dominated the charts of Hardtunes for weeks, even covering the #1 – 10 position for quite a while! Also he made a very well received remix of the track “Stainless Steel” on the recent Angerfist album, a track which got full support from not only Angerfist himself, but also from the likes of Partyraiser, Destructive Tendencies, F-Noize and Miss K8.


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