The Braindrillerz

The Braindrillerz is an italian duo project founded in 2010 by two members of the “Violent Underground” crew, Sebastian and Inktomi. Sebastian, DJ/Live Performer/Producer, was born in 1982. He started djing progressive/techno music in ’97/’98 in many parties and big clubs in North Italy till 2000 when he went to his first free party in France, discovering a new passion for the ‘hard’ underground music. Inktomi, DJ/Live Performer/Producer, born in Sanremo, was playing drums in various italian metal/hardcore bands, till 2005 when he went to his first rave party and he discovered a new passion for electronic music.

During summer 2010 they decided to join their styles in a new heavy hardcore sound, a mix of Frenchcore, Hardcore Uptempo and Terror. Trying to fuse all these styles in one, called Drill n Kore, in few years they touched all Europe with their music, with their unique energy on the dancefloor, with their passion, performing in the best parties and festivals in Europe, receiving a huge feedback and support from the listeners !

They released tracks on labels like Brutale (Traxtorm), Audiogenic, Noistorm, Noise Bomb, Ne Tunes record, Avanti records, Homicidal Gang (Astrofonik).

We have a mission, spread the Drill ‘N’ Kore sound all over the world!

So stay tuned and DRILLZ ON!!


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