[ Uptempo ]

Since his childhood Unproven has always been hooked to hardcore. His older brother gave once a hardcore CD and from that moment he never stopped listening. Unproven started producing music when he was around 15 just to experiment with combining sounds. At age of 16 he attended his first party and the day after his 18th birthday he attend Pandemonium and decided he wanted to be on stage as well. From that moment on he took producing music more serious and in 2015 he released his first uptempo EP on Toxic Sickness Digital. Since than it went quick for him.

His first big hit was Take The Fucking Shot what was released on Partyraiser Records in January 2016 what stayed on the number one spot for 7 days on Hardtunes.com. In 2016 he released on almost all big Uptempo Hardcore labels like Partyraiser Records, Fucking Bastards, Darkside Unleashed, Uptempo Is The Tempo Records and Kurrupt Hard Recordings. He already collaborated with well known artists like Tharoza and Cryogenic (Take It Or Leave It also hitted number one spot on hardtunes).

Unproven just released his 4th solo EP and isn’t going to stop soon. Big collabs are planned for the near future and his bookings are on the rise. Be sure to keep an eye out for this 2 meter+ tall giant!


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